As well as icons for sound, user, time.
The S key is used to set the date and time and select users. — Arm cuff There are six of them in total.

Automatic blood pressure monitor

Behind the plastic cover is a compartment for AAA batteries (little finger).
There is nothing on the front and back.
The package includes: Ease of use. The user can be changed by pressing the S key and selecting the user by pressing the M key. The cuff socket and speaker opening are on the left side. — Case for storage and carrying

The product was provided for writing a review by the store.
The screen displays three fields: upper systolic pressure SYS (mmHg), lower diastolic pressure (DIA mmHg) pressure and pulse (PULSE min) . The cuff is sewn with sufficient quality, there are no protruding threads, and the drawing of its correct location on the arm is additionally duplicated. The tonometer is made with high quality, the cuff is sewn perfectly, the threads do not stick out anywhere, high accuracy of blood pressure measurements. The readings of the monitored tonometer compared with a mechanical one did not notice a strong error. In the memory of the tonometer, you can store up to 99 records with readings for two people.


There are four rubber feet on the edges to prevent the tonometer from slipping.
There are three fairly large control buttons under the display. Runs on a standard smartphone charger. We wait 2-3 minutes and see the result on the display. The middle largest button ON / OFF – it also serves to measure pressure.
To measure the pressure, put on the cuff, be sure to place it 2-3 cm from the elbow and press the power button. After the measurement, the indicator will light up opposite the zone, which corresponds to the obtained blood pressure value,
green zone – optimal pressure, yellow – increased, red – high).
The diameter of the cuff is from 22 to 32 cm. The tonometer is packaged in a colorful cardboard box. — User manual Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules There are two more square buttons SET, MEM on the sides. On the left side of the display there is a classification of blood pressure developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Society of Hypertension. — Blood pressure monitor After a few seconds, the compressor begins to inflate the cuff with air.
On the right side of the tonometer there is a micro USB connector with the inscription 6V under it.

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