The station comes in a cardboard box. This device is not replaceable if you are repairing electronics, and indeed an ordinary radio amateur will also come in handy. In principle, you can take a longer cable from the old system unit and smooth out this defect. After working with it, you need not only to ventilate from the consequences of working with fluxes and other harmful substances, but also from the smell of the station itself (ideally, in any case, you need to work under the hood). It was the hull that stank. delivery from China (expensive, stock in Russia ran out) I wanted to buy a soldering station for a long time, the choice settled on this unit. It is convenient that everything comes at once, but vacuum tweezers and desoldering pump cannot be selected when ordering for others. There is also a delivery option from China. Delivery is via IML Express (from the Russian warehouse), and in my case took 5 days.

Eakins 8586D soldering station review

The very first thing that awaits you when you open the box is a nasty, chemical smell of plastic. The smell faded after a few days, but it still smells unpleasantly of plastic, especially when the built-in transformer heats up. I ordered a lot of Chinese devices, but what would it stink like for the first time. Delivery and packaging. The most complete set was ordered, with "nishtyaks".
In my case, the station was ordered with accessories. The second unpleasant moment that catches the eye is that they saved on the length of the network cable, the length is about a meter. Basically, the accessories are normal (it’s hard to mess with them) except for the useless vacuum tweezers (it would be better if they didn’t put it at all), and the tin suction is the most deshmanic (they are the same in the seller’s photo, so everything is fair here). Today I will talk about my first soldering station. Final view (with my soldering iron stand).
Station, soldering iron, hairdryer Otherwise, everything is as it should be, nothing more. Do you need accessories for such a surcharge, see for yourself.
Well, a spare heater for a hair dryer is a necessary thing. Hello everyone.
When I opened it I thought I would get poisoned, how badly it stank.

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