Included in delivery: Characteristics On each white rectangular area for marking. I impose, seal on a zip lock – spare valves = 2pcs The set is packed in a cardboard box with a glossy color print

Reusable vacuum bags with hand pump Inkbird

On the example of a pair of fruits. These are valves through which air is pumped out. After a few "idle strokes" the process will start. I put the nipple of the pump to the valve, I start pumping. Appearance
– bags = 30 pcs The essence of this set of packages is regardless of the outlet and the reuse of packages. The manufacturer writes that the food inside should not come into contact with the valves. It is worth noting that the first time the air will not pump, you will have to adapt. — 24 x 25 cm In progress Thanks to the complete pump, you can pack products with air extraction wherever you need, without using electricity.
The bags are divided into three sizes: Blue circles do not need to be torn off, as it might seem at first glance. — 20 x 18 cm — 31 x 28 cm – hand air pump = 1 pcs – clothespins in silicone insulation = 6 pcs Reusable bags, only 30 pieces.
done They are closed with a zip lock – you can do it the old fashioned way with your fingers, but it is more convenient and reliable to use complete staples. – zip clips -lock = 6pcs

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