For a purchase for $12, use the seller’s promotional code MOUSE01. In conclusion, I decided to make sure what it is sensor and looked into the manufacturer’s "brochure" – and indeed, the sensor is 1800 DPI, and 4000 DPI, apparently, only with rounding and double interpolation is obtained? Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules The product was provided for writing a review by the store. The packaging was not heavily invested, but it is sufficient: it’s even for the better when you realize that “all the money” has gone into the product. “4000DPI” flaunts on the side, on the bottom I find the model – MU001 Inside the box only mouse and instruction booklet:

UGREEN MU001 Wireless Mouse – Relatively flat, quiet and DPI-overclocked

I checked the consumption of the mouse when turned on, in motion and in idle mode (I didn’t do sleep mode, it only enters it after ~ 10 minutes, and wakes up at the slightest movement) I remember that it was a long time ago – a penny mouse surprised me with its steep quality / price ratio (with a radical advantage towards the first), and today Ugreen raises the bar and accepts the challenge – they sent a flat, "slow" mouse MU001 of a similar format, which, at first glance, should be no worse with “weight distribution” … Of the features, they promise 3 million switches, up to 15 meters of wireless connection with a 2.4GHz module and four modes DPI for the sensor: Who is interested in that mouse that I mentioned at the beginning – here is a review, but after this MU001, I wouldn’t advise that one anymore … here the cursor positioning is better and only one, but a large AA battery Goodbye. Under the top panel, in the compartment for one AA battery, information about the model, supply voltage and current consumption (10 mA) is hidden … there is also a 2.4GHz module, for connection with a PC (fixed with a magnet) The front part contains a couple of keys and a half-open scroll, by the way it surprised me – metal, with a pleasant-looking knurling, not like lighters, but it seems to the touch that sometimes it can slip: Having unscrewed the three screws, I get to the insides Kailh encoder and a sensor chip from Pixart PAW3220, I think that the microswitches are not the simplest – they softly and quietly click on the back side, only the wireless control oller and SMD strapping, getinax boards: Rate the sound of the keys you can follow the link below, on the record I compare it with my old M620 mouse (it is found in the review in the photo next): MU001 … then I wondered why I have everything 1800 and multiples of it by 2000 and 4000 values ​​drop out during the test! Hello everyone. The mouse is gray on top, and in the light of the flash it casts blue; on the reverse side, the mode switch button and the switch; easily removed the top panel; it is magnetized to the neodymium inserts on the main body.

The optics hides the blue SMD LED, the light of the red (signal) is nearby, is transferred to the upper side with the help of a light guide It is positioned for the office and portable gadgets, so there is an emphasis on a quiet click and a flat body that will not interfere in the library and in a bag with a laptop. That’s all for today, if you missed something important – ask.

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